Big Bully

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Big Bully
Big Bully (Mario Kart DS).png
Big Bully's appearance in Mario Kart DS.
Series Mario
First appearance Super Mario 64 (1996)
Gender Unspecified
Species Bully
Affiliation Bowser, Bullies
Latest appearance Mario Kart DS (2005)

Big Bully is the large version of Bully who first appears in Super Mario 64. It appears to be a black sphere who has yellow horns on it with green shoes. These traits are all shared with the ordinary Bullies, except that Big Bully is larger and wider.


Super Mario 64 and Super Mario 64 DS[edit]

Big Bully first appears in Super Mario 64 and later in the Nintendo DS remake Super Mario 64 DS. In the Nintendo DS re-release, it is no different than from the original version, except that its graphics were enhanced.

Two Big Bullies can found in Lethal Lava Land. These two Big Bullies are fought in "Boil the Big Bully" and "Bully the Bullies" respectively.

In "Boil the Big Bully", the player has to reach a platform shaped like a brown square, located at the north-center of the stage. As soon as he or she reaches the platform, Big Bully attempts to ram him/her into the lava that causes the player to lose health. The player has to Ground Pound, kick, punch, or slide into the Big Bully to push it closer to the lava.

Once Big Bully is pushed in the lava, it releases a Power Star on a black platform that is located north of the square platform where Big Bully was battled. A collapsing staircase then forms so the player may cross to the black platform so that he or she may collect the Power Star.

In "Bully the Bullies", the other Big Bully is fought. The battle has the same objective as it did in "Boil the Big Bully"; the player has to knock Big Bully and attempt to shove it into the lava once more. This battle now takes place on an oval-shaped platform, located north-east from the original square platform where the first Big Bully was fought. Before the Big Bully is fought, the player has to battle three ordinary Bullies and shove all three into the lava. As the three regular ones are smaller, they slide farther back when slid into, punched, kicked, or Ground Pounded on. Once all three are knocked into the lava, Big Bully drops down from the sky to battle the player. When Big Bully is knocked into the lava using the same objective, a Power Star emerges from the lava and locates itself above the center of the platform.

Mario Kart DS[edit]

Big Bully reappears in Mario Kart DS as the first boss in the Mission Mode. Yoshi is the selected character for battling Big Bully in the game. It now has metal collars that surrounds its horns.

After all of the first set of missions are completed, Big Bully can be battled. When the battle begins, Big Bully runs around the platform and tries to knock Yoshi into the water. Yoshi has to obtain mushrooms from Item Boxes so that he may knock Big Bully inside of the water. If Yoshi falls in the water, he fails the mission. If Yoshi successfully knocks Big Bully into the water, the mission is completed and the second set of missions are unlocked. Yoshi has to defeat Big Bully within three minutes or else he fails the mission.