Ceiling Surprise

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Ceiling Surprise
Ceiling Surprise (Luigi's Mansion).png
A Ceiling Surprise in Luigi's Mansion.
Series Luigi's Mansion
First appearance Luigi's Mansion (2001)
Species Ghost
Affiliation King Boo
Subspecies Purple Bomber

Ceiling Surprise is a ghost whom first appears in Luigi's Mansion, a launch title for the Nintendo GameCube. It is similar to Boo Blah, as both are ghosts that hang from the ceiling of a building. It also has a subspecies of itself, the Purple Bomber.

Appearances in video games[edit]

Luigi's Mansion[edit]

Ceiling Surprise first appears within Luigi's Mansion.

The Ceiling Surprise is first encountered in the hallway of Area Two. It hangs from ceilings and randomly appears when Luigi wanders around an area of the hallway it's at. Instead of hanging from a ceiling in the Courtyard, it and some Purple Bombers hang from trees, which substitute for ceilings. A single Ceiling Surprise appears at the Bottom of the Well, a sub-location of the Courtyard. It is not usually found in regular areas of the mansion, but mainly just the hallways (except for Area One's hallway).

A Ceiling Surprise is usually accompanied by a Bowling Ghost or a Purple Bomber. Ceiling Surprise, Bowling Ghost, and Purple Bomber all have zero HP, making them all have the lowest HP amount out of all the other ghosts in the game. A Ceiling Surprise doesn't attack Luigi in any sort of way; it only injures Luigi when he comes in contact with it. When a Ceiling Surprise is vacuumed inside of the Poltergust 3000, it usually releases a heart that recovers either ten or twenty health points for Luigi. It doesn't release a heart when it is defeated with an element, though.