Chief Chilly

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Chief Chilly
Chief Chilly (Mario Kart DS).png
Chief Chilly's appearance in Mario Kart DS.
Series Mario
First appearance Super Mario 64 DS (2004)
Gender Unspecified
Species Bully
Affiliation Bowser
Latest appearance Mario Kart DS (2005)

Chief Chilly is a species of Bully who first appears in the Nintendo DS remake of Super Mario 64, Super Mario 64 DS. It has a crown with ice crystals on it and a giant yellow spike coming out from its head.

Appearances in video games[edit]

Super Mario 64 DS[edit]

Chief Chilly first appears in Super Mario 64 DS and is excluded from the Nintendo 64 version. It resides in the painting Chief Chilly's Challenge.

In the game, the player needs at least thirty-one Power Stars to battle it. The Bowser Key that is located in Bowser in the Fire Sea must first be obtained so that the upstairs area of the castle may be accessed. Chief Chilly had kidnapped Wario as it was jealous of his mustache. Luigi is required to access Chief Chilly.

For Luigi to reach Chief Chilly's Challenge, he has to go upstairs and enter a room located to the right of the upstairs room with sky paintings on the wall. In this room, there are two Power Flowers, both which make Luigi invisible so that he may pass through the wall. Luigi then has to jump into his painting which is mirrored as a Wario painting. This painting is located on the right side inside the mirror. This allows Chief Chilly's Challenge to be accessed.

When Chief Chilly is battled, it first claims how Luigi cannot defeat it. Then the battle starts. Chief Chilly tries to attack Luigi by bashing into him on the slippery ice. Luigi has to attack Chief Chilly by kicking it or sliding in its face so that it slides backward. Every time it's hit, it slides farther back from the center of the area's icy platform. When it is hit enough times without it running away from the edge, it falls into the water.

After it falls into the water, it makes a gigantic jump out of the water and breaks chunks of ice on the edge of the icy platform. Luigi has to knock into Chief Chilly two more times to defeat it. It breaks more of the icy platform when knocked into the water. Luigi has to knock Chief Chilly in the icy water two more times so that it becomes defeated and surrenders the Wario Key.

Strangely, there is dialogue that Chief Chilly specifically says when Yoshi battles him, since Luigi is the only one who can access the area. This rule doesn't apply for Mario and Wario as their caps can be found at the end of the stage before the battle with Chief Chilly. Yoshi can only access through a glitch that allows him to get through the wall or by an Action Replay code. The dialogue is even translated in the European version of the game.

Mario Kart DS[edit]

Chief Chilly reappears in Mario Kart DS as the sixth boss of the Mission Mode. Luigi once again is the selected character who battles Chief Chilly with three balloons to start out with. In the game, Chief Chilly is quicker and gains more strength than in Super Mario 64 DS.

When the sixth set of missions are all completed, Chief Chilly can be battled. The objective that Luigi is given in this mission is for him to use Triple Mushrooms to knock Chief Chilly into the water three times total. Chief Chilly tries to knock Luigi in the water too. When Chief Chilly is pushed into the water, it returns to the middle of the stage and gains more aggression and is more quick.

After Chief Chilly is hit inside of the water a second time, it jumps back to the middle. When Luigi tries to push it off the edge of the platform when he's in Chief Chilly's sight, it jumps into the center of the stage. Luigi has try and hit it from the back where he is not in plain sight. When Luigi knocks Chief Chilly into the water the third time, the mission is completed and Luigi gains access to the seventh set of missions if all of the other missions, including this mission is completed.


All of the quotes are from Super Mario 64 DS as Chief Chilly has no speaking role in Mario Kart DS.


  • "Hmm? I see you have no mustache. Poor, bald, little creature. It's not a fair fight for you, but luckily, I'm not a fair fighter. Let's go!"
  • "I simply cannot believe that I lost to a hairless pip-squeak like you! My mustache was my only joy. Now what am I going to do?"


  • "You there with the mustache! I am the king of cold, Chief Chilly. I lock up anyone who challenges the greatness of my mustache. I am the mustache master! In fact, I locked up a rude fellow just the other day. Hmph!! The nerve of him, coming to my realm looking like that. Your mustache is not altogether bad. Not as grand as mine, of course. But what insolence in trying to show me up! I shall shave that fuzz right off your face. Here I come!"'
  • "Dang!! There's someone with a greater mustache than mine? Ridiculous! Does that mean you're cooler than me too? You might be gifted follically, but you better watch out once I get my mustache styled."


  • "You there with the mustache! I am the king of cold, Chief Chilly. I lock up anyone who challenges the superiority of my 'stache. In fact, I locked up one such fellow the other day. Hmm. What a sad, mangy mustache you've got there. It hardly seems worth it to destroy you. With a 'stache like that, you're clearly the sidekick, not the star. But I'm in between meetings now, so I might as well. In the battle for the best mustache, I'll win, hairs down. Ha ha ha! Bring it on, peach fuzz!"
  • "No way! I lost to such a scrawny guy like that...? Hmmmm, did I not groom my mustache well enough? I must hurry home and condition it...Farewell!"


  • "You there with the mustache! I am the king of cold, Chief Chilly. I imprison those who challenges the greatness of my mustache. In fact, I locked up a man up just the other...What's this? You look just like the impertinent mustached man I locked up the other day. Has everyone been taking mustache grower? There's only one way to settle this once and for all. We'll battle man-to-man to see who has the best mustache! Let's rumble!"
  • "Oh noooooo! I lost! Augh! My mustache...My pride and joy, my reason for living! Now I suppose I'll have to explore new pursuits."