Diddy Kong Pilot (2001 version)

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This article is about the 2001 version of Diddy Kong Pilot. For information about the 2003 version of Diddy Kong Pilot, see Diddy Kong Pilot (2003 version).
Diddy Kong Pilot
Title Screen (Diddy Kong Pilot 2001).png
The title screen of Diddy Kong Pilot.
Developer Rare, Ltd.
Publisher None (Nintendo refused to)
Release date(s) JP: February 2002 (scheduled)[1]
NA: Q4 2001 (first scheduled date)[2]
March 4, 2002 (second scheduled date)[3]
Genre Racing
Mode(s) Single player, Multiplayer (later builds)
Platform Game Boy Advance

Diddy Kong Pilot is a cancelled video game that was developed for the Game Boy Advance. It was supposed to be a part of the Donkey Kong series. It ran on the Mode 7 engine, which other games like Super Mario Kart or Star Fox used.

This game is a likely spinoff of Diddy Kong Racing. The game was reskinned as Banjo-Pilot, a Banjo-Kazooie title, at around 2003, when THQ published Rareware titles for the Game Boy Advance.


Diddy Kong Pilot was first unveiled at E3 2001 as a playable demo. The demo allowed five tracks to race on, and a random character was chosen for the player. The demo gave allowed users to either use the D-pad or game's tilt function.[4] There was another prototype shown at E3 2001 that only had Donkey and Diddy as playable characters; it could be considered the earliest prototype of Diddy Kong Pilot.

Diddy Kong Pilot was later shown as a trailer on August 23, 2001 at Spaceworld 2001. It was once again a playable demo, possibly the same one unveiled at E3 2001.[5] The end of the trailer predicted that Diddy Kong Pilot would be released in February 2002 in Japan. The trailer showed the following race courses: Magma Mainland, Bounty Beach, Chicken Chase, Frosty Lake, and Haunted Race (tentative title). Beach Barricade, the first stage of the King of Kongs story, was also shown. At Spaceworld 2001, there was another prototype which had Mario, aside from Donkey Kong ones.

At around October 2001, the game was being heavily reworked, according to a former Rareware employee: Jens. Most of the game designers moved on to develop Sabre Wulf and Banjo-Kazooie: Grunty's Revenge, and the Stories mode was decided to be taken out of the game. The development team also had removed the tilt function, because they all thought it was problematic.[6] Redneck was also removed this month, according to Jens' on the game's defunct YouTube gameplay video. He was being replaced by Candy, because a sepia sprite of him on the character select screen was replaced with one of Candy, and when she is highlighted, a sprite of him overheads her.[7]

Around May/June 2002, the game was completed, but Nintendo deemed the game "substandard" and refused to publish it. Redneck's name was revealed in July 2010 at DK Vine, eight years later.[8]

On September 15, 2011, Transparentjinjo, a former Rare employee who likely developed the game, posted a gameplay video on YouTube. This video, along with Transparentjinjo's entire account was removed from YouTube one year later. According to the video's title, the build is from September 7, 2001 and was called Build 09-07-01.

Sometime in January 2013, Torrentstorm sold a ROM file of the game to RetroGamesUK for four hundred dollars on the AssemblerGames forums. RetroGamesUK had then publicly distributed the ROM on the evening of January 13, 2013 (originally scheduled to be on January 14, 2013).


Throughout its development, Diddy Kong Pilot has had many different characters. The first prototype had only Donkey and Diddy as playable characters, the second one had Donkey Kong and Mario characters; the characters from the Mario franchise were Princess Peach, Mario, Yoshi (who appears to ride on a Lakitu's cloud), Wario (who appears to be riding a Bulldog biplane), Bowser, and Toad, and the Donkey Kong series characters were Diddy, Cranky, Donkey, K. Rool, Funky, and Dixie.

The third prototype, unveiled at E3 2001, had Cranky, Diddy, Dixie, K. Rool, and Kritter as the playable characters (Donkey and Redneck were not playable in certain prototypes). In the game's September 2001 build, Redneck was almost removed entirely, while Donkey could not be played as unless three separate Pro Action Replay codes were all simultaneously used to enable his voice, sprite, and palette.[9]


Sleepy Shores[edit]

Kongo Kingdom[edit]

Western Wastes[edit]

  • Lake Race
  • Lava Race
  • Swamp Race
  • Crackpot Keep

Island of Eggs[edit]

Polar Plateau[edit]


King of Kongs[edit]

Back to the Light[edit]

  • Grub Grab
  • Farm Feud
  • Swamp Swoop
  • Dark Tower

K. Rool's Gold[edit]

  • Classic Dogfight
  • Fly Like The Wind
  • Snowball Snapshot
  • Flawed Genie'us


  • Rocket: This item can target players and knock them downward.
  • Rocket Boost: This item gives the player a speed boost.
  • Peanut: This item causes peanuts to fire a nearby opponent to the ground. This item may either came in a group of five or ten.
  • Magnet: This item magnets the player to a leading opponent. It is either either red or green, the latter of which does not wrk.
  • DK Balloon: This contains an item with Cranky on it. This item has no effects.
  • Question Balloon: The Question Balloon houses regular items within it. When flown into, a racer obtains a random item.

Dogfight matches[edit]

  • Classic Dogfight
  • Dawn Duel
  • Classic Variation
  • Focal Feud

Battle stages[edit]

  • Hatch Match
  • Ghost Grasp
  • Swamp Showdown
  • Wasteland Wipe Out

Beta elements[edit]