Expresso the Ostrich

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Expresso the Ostrich
Expresso Artwork (Donkey Kong Country).png
Expresso's artwork from Donkey Kong Country.
Series Donkey Kong
First appearance Donkey Kong Country (1994)
Gender Unknown
Species Ostrich
Affiliation Kong family
Donkey Kong Island
Latest appearance Donkey Kong Country 2 (Game Boy Advance, 2004)

Expresso the Ostrich is an Animal Buddy in the Donkey Kong series. Its first appearance was in Donkey Kong Country for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. Its name is a combination of the words "espresso", a type of coffee drink, and "express".

Appearances in video games[edit]

Donkey Kong Country[edit]

Expresso makes its first appearance in Donkey Kong Country. It only appears in four levels; Temple Tempest, Orang-utan Gang, Ice Age Alley, and Misty Mine.

In the game, Expresso is one of the five Animal Buddies that help Donkey and Diddy regain the stolen bananas of the banana hoard. Expresso has the ability flap in the air while it progressively heads toward the ground. As Expresso is tall, Klaptraps, one of the smallest land enemies in the game, pass right through Expresso when he comes near them. Expresso's makes the same noise that a Mini-Necky makes when either one is injured or defeated.

Donkey Kong Land[edit]

Expresso reappears in Donkey Kong Land. Expresso once again appears in only four levels which are Deck Trek, Landslide Leap, Mountain Mayhem, and Collapsing Clouds.

In the game, Expresso and Rambi are the only two Animal Buddies in the entire game. Expresso now has the ability to defeat an enemy by simply jumping on it, even a Zinger.

Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest[edit]

Expresso is only mentioned by Cranky in the manual of the Super Nintendo version of Donkey Kong Country 2. He states on the Animal Buddies page; "A more tragic looking bunch of useless no-hopers you'll never see! I liked Expresso and Winky--where have they gone?"

Expresso only makes a physical appearance in the Game Boy Advance version of Donkey Kong Country 2.

In the remake, Expresso was acquired by Cranky and was trained to be a racing bird. Expresso did not have any feathers to help it race. Diddy and Dixie then went out to seek Golden Feathers that increases Expresso's stats when it races.

When Expresso races, it races against red, blue and green ostriches that appear to be the same kind of ostrich as Expresso, but with different names. When Expresso wins first place in all of the possible races, its image can be seen inside of the scrapbook. During the game, Expresso can be seen in the background of Cranky's hut.

Donkey Kong 64[edit]

Expresso does not appear in Donkey Kong 64, but is mentioned by Cranky in the game's manual again; "I just hope they've included poor old Winky and Expresso this time instead of that bone-brained rhino that always seems to get in the games."

Donkey Kong Racing[edit]

Expresso can be seen at the beginning of Donkey Kong Racing's E3 2001 and Spaceworld 2001 trailer. At the start of the trailer, a lot of Expressos were quickly running away, possibly from Donkey and Rambi.

Diddy Kong Pilot (2003 version)[edit]

Expresso appears in the 2003 version of Diddy Kong Pilot. In the game, Expresso is an obstacle in desert-themed racetracks. It comes in three varieties; small-sized, regular-sized, or large-sized.

Oddly, a couple of regular-sized Expressos can be found in Jinxy's Dunes, the second racetrack of Banjo-Pilot. Rare, Ltd. probably forgot to remove Expresso from Jinxy's Dunes.


  • The Turbo Trainers from the Banjo-Kazooie series are probably based on Expresso's sneakers.