Figure-8 Circuit

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Figure-8 Circuit
Figure-8 Circuit (Overview).png
The overview of Figure-8 Circuit.
Game appearance(s) Mario Kart DS
Cup(s) Mushroom Cup
Ghost time(s) Ninten★たなか (1:36:481)
Terrain: Figure-Eight Circuit Map.png

Figure-8 Circuit, named Figure-Eight Circuit in the kiosk demo, is the very first course of Mario Kart DS and the Mushroom Cup. This course is shaped like a figure eight. Mission 1-1 and Mission 2-2 take place on this circuit. This course is available throughout Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection.

As with all the other Mario games, the first course does not have any obstacles in it; this applies to Figure-8 Circuit too. A stage similar to this track appears in Super Smash Bros. Brawl named Mario Circuit. Despite the name, it resembles Figure-8 Circuit more than Mario Circuits throughout the Mario Kart titles.


  • Instruction Booklet and Official Website (North America): "This figure-eight shaped course boasts a wide racetrack with easy corners. It's ideal for constant top-speed racing."
  • Official Website (Europe): "With just two straights and two bends, your first stop in the mushroom cup season is as simple as they come (with the exception of Baby Park’s basic loop). So hit the gas, impress the crowds and save your strengths for the harder tracks to come."