Giant Snake

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Giant Snake
Giant Snake (Wario Land II, Game Boy Color) sprite.png
Giant Snake's sprite from the Game Boy Color version of Wario Land II.
Series Wario Land series
First appearance Wario Land II (1998, Game Boy)
Gender Unknown
Species Snake
Affiliation Captain Syrup, Black Sugar Gang
Latest appearance Wario Land II (1998, Game Boy Color)

Giant Snake is the first boss in the Game Boy and Game Boy Color game Wario Land II. As the name states, this character is a giant snake. It resides in the fifth level "Defeat the Giant Snake".


When the battle starts, the Giant Snake wakes up from its slumber when Wario gets close to the snake. It then attempts to bite Wario. Wario must avoid the Giant Snake from biting him or else Wario turns into Egg Wario and is shot up to the ceiling where Wario breaks from the egg and turns into his normal form again. Wario can also stomp on the snake. A stomp makes the snake take two hits. It goes slightly faster each time it is pounced upon. It must be hit six times total in order to be defeated so that Wario may move on to the second chapter.

In the Game Boy Color version, Giant Snake turns red after it is hit two times and moves its head back and forth much quicker.