Lethal Lava Land

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Lethal Lava Land
Lethal Lava Land (Super Mario 64).png
Mario at the start of Lethal Lava Land.
Missions Six (SM64), Seven (SM64DS)
Enemies Bullies, Podoboos, Mr. I, Firebars
Coins 138
Boss Two Big Bullies

Lethal Lava Land is the seventh stage within Super Mario 64 and its Nintendo DS remake Super Mario 64 DS.

As the name implies, the area is engulfed in lava all over. It is located in the basement of Princess Peach's castle which can only be accessed once Bowser is defeated for a single time in Bowser in the Dark World. There are two Big Bullies which appear as bosses in this stage. The music in this stage is shared with Shifting Sand Land.


Star 1: Boil the Big Bully[edit]

When the mission is started, the player has to reach a red squarish platform in the northern-center area of the level. The player must then try to knock the Big Bully into the lava as soon as it is encountered. The Big Bully then tries to push the player into the lava. The player must do the same thing to Big Bully and push it into the lava. When done, a star appears atop a platform. The steps collapse as soon as it is stepped on.

Star 2: Bully the Bullies[edit]

When the player starts the mission, he or she must head to a platform at the north-eastern side of the level, next to the platform in the battle from "Boil the Big Bully". When the battle starts, the player must battle three Bullies which attempt to shove him or her into the lava. He or she must knock all three of them into the lava to summon out the Big Bully which the player must battle. The player has to do the same thing to defeat this foe; knock it into the lava. When Big Bully is knocked into the lava, a star appears in the center of the platform.

Star 3: 8-Coin Puzzle with 15 Pieces[edit]

In the third mission, the player has to go to a puzzle piece platform near the bottom-left area of Lethal Lava Land, accessible from a bridge near the start of the level. This puzzle has moving platforms with pictures of Bowser on it. The player must attempt to get all of the Red Coins in this mission while avoiding the puzzle pieces which may cause the player to fall inside the lava as these pieces repeatedly move. When the puzzle pieces all match a picture, the platforms stop moving for a few seconds and coins pop all over the puzzle slider platforms. When all eight Red Coins are collected, a Power Star is formed on the north-east part of the puzzle over a star marker.

In the original version, the puzzle depicts Bowser's artwork from Super Mario Bros. 3. Though it depicts Bowser's Super Mario 64 DS artwork in the Nintendo DS re-release.

Star 4: Red-Hot Log Rolling[edit]

In the fourth mission, the player has to go on the platform which surrounds the level's volcano with two Bullies on it. The player must then hop on a gray platform while avoiding geysers. This platform leads the player to a giant log which must be hopped on to be ridden. The player must run in a certain direction in order for the log to go in the opposite direction. The path to the star is mainly narrow with a few curves. Once the platform is reached, the player can hop to grab the fourth star of the stage.

Even though the mission is "Red-Hot" Log Rolling, the log is not red and steamy and rather.

Star 5: Hot-Foot-It into the Volcano[edit]

When the fifth mission is started, the player must reach the volcano in the center of the level. Fire comes out of it which means the player has to wait for the fire to stop running so that the volcano may be accessed. There are many black islands in this area. Although, Mario may also use the ground that acts as steps with Bullies and fire on these steps. The stairs must repeatedly be climbed until the star is reached at the top of the volcano.

Star 6: Elevator Tour into the Volcano[edit]

In the sixth mission, the player must ride a moving green platform which takes him or her higher up with Firebars that try to get in the player's way. When the first platform reaches a certain extent in height, the second platform may be accessed which takes the player even higher up. Even higher up, the third and final platform can be reached to go to the pole which leads to a floating island with the star on it.

In Super Mario 64 DS, this mission was renamed "Inside the Volcano". The mission is the same however, but with the removal of the Firebars.

Star 7: Flaming Silver Stars (SM64DS exclusive)[edit]

The seventh mission is exclusive to Super Mario 64 DS where the player must collect all five of the Silver Stars. A Koopa shell may be used to aid the player to reach the islands with the Silver Stars. The locations of the Silver Stars are:

  • The first Silver Star is located on a platform with a Mr. I on it. This platform is located below the north-east platform with the second Silver Star.
  • The second Silver Star is located on a bumpy platform at the north-east area of the stage. It is above the platform with the first Silver Star.
  • The third Silver Star is located on a crescent moon-shaped isle at the north-west area of the stage.
  • The fourth Silver Star is located on another crescent moon-shaped island which is on the left of the volcano in the center of the stage.
  • The fifth Silver Star is located on another crescent moon-shaped island at the south-west part of the stage.

Once all five of these are collected, there is a Star Sphere which contains the Power Star inside of it. It is located next to the level's starting point on the left side on an island that appears to resemble a tortoise shell.