List of beta elements in Diddy Kong Pilot (2001 version)

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This article lists all of the beta elements of Diddy Kong Pilot.

Unused graphics[edit]

The sprites and icons from the Mario Spaceworld 2001 build can be found inside of the game's ROM. This idea was scrapped sometime during the game's development. The footage of the Mario build can be found here.

DKP Spaceworld 2001 (Unused Character Icons).png DKP Spaceworld 2001 (Unused Character Sprites).png

There are also unused sprites that were from K. Rool's Gold from the same Spaceworld 2001 build. K. Rool's Gold is the only story in the Mario Spaceworld 2001 build.

DKP Spaceworld 2001 (K. Rool's Gold leftovers).png

There are splash screens of the Nintendo and Rare, Ltd. logos that can be found inside of the ROM. These screens are never seen regularly in gameplay.

Diddy Kong Pilot 2001 (Rareware splash screen).png Diddy Kong Pilot 2001 (Nintendo splash screen).png

There are unused letters and more characters that can be found inside of the ROM. Q, V, X, and Z are the unused letters. There are even European letters inside of the ROM.

Diddy Kong Pilot 2001 (Unused letter characters).png

Unused characters[edit]

While Donkey is not entirely unused in Diddy Kong Pilot, he is not playable when the game is played without cheats. Although his voice, palette, and sprite are all located inside the ROM. At the debug screen, players zero and five are Cranky, meaning that either player zero or five is probably supposed to be Donkey.

Donkey Kong (Diddy Kong Pilot 2001).png

These emulator cheats activate the following from Donkey:

02003FA6:05 - Donkey Kong's voice
0200AFC6:03 - Donkey Kong's sprite
0200AFCA:06 - Donkey Kong's palette