Luigi's Mansion (video game)

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Luigi's Mansion
Luigi's Mansion (Front Cover, NA).png
The front cover for Luigi's Mansion.
Developer Nintendo
Publisher Nintendo
Release date(s) JP: September 14, 2001
NA: November 17, 2001
EU: May 3, 2002
AUS: May 17, 2002
Genre Three-dimensional platforming
Mode(s) Single player
Platform Nintendo GameCube

Luigi's Mansion is a video game that served as a launch title for the Nintendo GameCube in 2001. It is the first Nintendo home console where Mario is not a playable character.

The game is one of the three Mario games where Luigi is the main character. The first was Mario is Missing! and the third is Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon.



Portrait Ghosts[edit]

Area One[edit]

Area Two[edit]

Area Three[edit]

Area Four[edit]




There are fifty Boos that hide in the mansion. Thirty-five of the Boos are named to differentiate between them, and the remaining fifteen form the third boss Boolossus. Twenty of the Boos need to be captured before Luigi can fight Boolossus, and at least forty need to be captured before he can challenge King Boo. If Luigi catches all fifty Boos he is rewarded with a Gold Diamond.