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Neville (Gold Portrait, Luigi's Mansion).png
The gold portrait of Neville in Luigi's Mansion.
Full Name Neville, the Bookish Father
Biography Neville spends his afterlife reading all the books he missed while living.
Age Forty-two
Room Study
Health Points 100
Heart Quote Ho ho ho ho... Go ahead, try to find me. I can see you, but you cannot see me, ho ho ho ho...

Neville is one of the twenty-three Portrait Ghosts that first appears in Luigi's Mansion. His wife is Lydia, his eldest sons are Henry and Orville, and his youngest son is Chauncey.

Neville was initially a painting, but King Boo freed Boolossus who had freed Neville, along with all the other twenty Portrait Ghosts from their paintings from the Gallery with the use of Professor E. Gadd's Ghost Portrificationizer.

Appearances in video games[edit]

Luigi's Mansion[edit]

Neville first appears in Luigi's Mansion as the first Portrait Ghost of the game.

When Luigi gets the key from the Anteroom, allows him to access the next part of Area One. Luigi exits the Wardrobe Room, Anteroom, and the Parlor. Luigi then is about to enter a door of the left of the Parlor's door, but his Game Boy Horror rings; Luigi is informed by Professor E. Gadd that he senses Portrait Ghosts in the area. Luigi then unlocks the door to the next area, and he enters the first door he spots, leading him to the Study. Luigi then finds Neville inside of the Study.

Luigi notices that Neville reads a book ("Mario's Story") while he rocks on his rocking chair. When Neville yawns, he reveals his heart to Luigi, causing him to be vulnerable. Luigi then stuns Neville with his flashlight and vacuums him inside of his Poltergust 3000. Once Neville is vaccumed inside of the Poltergust 3000, a treasure chest appears in the center of the Study. Luigi finds a key inside of it that unlocks the door to the Master Bedroom, the leftmost bedroom in the hallway.

Behind Neville's rocking chair is a diary named "Neville's Big Baby Care Diary", that Luigi may read the diary for hints to easily find Henry and Orville when the three play hide and seek during Area Three. The diary says that Henry and Orville are discomforted by water, fire and ice.

At the end of Area One, Neville, Lydia, and Chauncey are all released inside of the Ghost Portrificationizer to be converted back to paintings after being flattened, electrocuted, and crushed back into paintings. Neville then turns back into a gold, silver, or bronze painting depending on the amount of pearls Luigi had collected from him. In the gallery, Neville's portrait number is one.