Tea Room

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Tea Room
Tea Room (Luigi's Mansion).png
The Tea Room in Luigi's Mansion.
Game Luigi's Mansion
Area Area Three
Ghost(s) Grabbing Ghost

The Tea Room is one of the rooms in Luigi's Mansion. It can be accessed at the third area of the game on the second floor.

The room is symmetrical, both sides appearing the same as one another. There is a crystal chandelier hanging at the top-center of the room, four Gravity Arrows, two being on the floor and ceiling, and two cabinets at both far ends of the room.

Appearances in video games[edit]

Luigi's Mansion[edit]

The Tea Room first appears in Luigi's Mansion, one of the launch titles for the Nintendo GameCube.

During Area Three, Luigi heads to the second floor and notices a door guarded by fire, similar to the entrance to the Boneyard from the Kitchen. Luigi then extinguishes the fire by spraying water out of his Poltergust 3000 and enters the room.

Inside of the room, plates shake and fly toward Luigi. A Gold Mouse may appear when Luigi enters, having a twenty percent chance of appearing. Behind the left table is a block of cheese containing another Gold Mouse. Two Grabbing Ghosts suddenly appear. Luigi manages to easily vacuum both inside of his Poltergust 3000. The lights turn on and a white treasure chest appears on the left table. Mr. Boojangles, one of the fifty Boos, then hides around the room's furniture. Being incapable of climbing onto the table, Luigi uses one of the Gravity Arrows to warp him to the ceiling and another to get him onto the left table.

Luigi opens the treasure chest and finds the Ice Element Medal inside. Professor E. Gadd then informs him about the Ice Element Medal. Luigi then exits the Tea Room and continues his quest to search for Mario.

If Luigi returns to the room during the mansion's blackout, only a Blue Blaze can be found.

At the Hidden Mansion in the PAL version of Luigi's Mansion, the Tea Room has a lot more ghosts and is mirrored, along with the rest of the mansion. First a Blue Twirler and Gold Ghost appear. Afterwards a Flash and a red Grabbing Ghost appear. Two more Flashes then appear, and finally four Shy Guy Ghosts. After all the ghosts are defeated, the room lights up.