The Secret Aquarium

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The Secret Aquarium
The Secret Aquarium (Super Mario 64).png
Mario swimming in The Secret Aquarium.
Missions One
Enemies None
Coins Forty

The Secret Aquarium is a hidden location in Princess Peach's castle. This location appears in Super Mario 64 and later in Super Mario 64 DS.

This area is shaped like a rectangular prism which has brick walls and a gray floor. This area is entirely submerged underwater floats in the sky. There are also four windows in this hidden area all with a different glass stain. In Super Mario 64, there are two normal windows, a one tinted purple, and a sky blue one. In Super Mario 64 DS, the glass stains are yellow, purple, light blue, and dark blue.

Appearances in video games[edit]

Super Mario 64 and Super Mario 64 DS[edit]

The Secret Aquarium first appears in Super Mario 64 and eight years later in Super Mario 64 DS.

The Secret Aquarium is located in the same room where Jolly Roger Bay is at; a three star door located at the bottom-right of the castle's foyer. When this room is accessed, a hole can be to the left and right from the entrance. The hole at the left side has a 1-up Mushroom in it, while the hole at the right side leads to The Secret Aquarium.

When the player accesses this area, he or she has to go around and collect eight Red Coins. Since there is no air to regain in this area, the player has to instead collect coins to replenish the health meter. Four are at mid-level in the stage inside of a ring formed by coins. These rings are positioned at all four sides. The other four Red Coins are located down at the surface of the area, one of which is located in each corner. When all eight Red Coins are collected, a Power Star appears in the bottom-center of the level and must be obtained to gain one of the castle's secret stars.