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Lydia (Gold Portrait, Luigi's Mansion).png
The gold portrait of Lydia.
Full Name Lydia, the Mirror-Gazing Mother
Biography She's stashed her secret savings away to prepare for her long afterlife.
Age Thirty-four
Room Master Bedroom
Health Points 100 (fifty in the beta version)
Heart Quote Isn't my hair just gorgeous? Of course, I do spend a lot of time on it. I was so bored cooped up in that painting... "Now I spend all my time in front of the mirror. It seems to scare people, though, so everything is coming up roses!"

Lydia is one of the twenty-three Portrait Ghosts that appear in Luigi's Mansion. She is the wife of Neville, her eldest sons are the twins Henry and Orville (both aged five), and her youngest child is Chauncey (aged one). Lydia spends a majority of her time grooming her hair and gazing into her mirror.

Lydia along with the other twenty Portrait Ghosts (excluding Boolossus and King Boo) were freed by Boolossus with the use of Professor E. Gadd's Ghost Portrificationizer.

Appearances in video games[edit]

Luigi's Mansion (E3 2001 beta)[edit]

In the beta version of Luigi's Mansion, Lydia and the Master Bedroom are located in Area Two at the door closest to the Laundry Room, a room at the far-left side of the hallway.

When Luigi enters Bed room 1 (the Master Bedroom's beta name), there is a Purple Puncher and a Gold Ghost that Luigi has to suck inside of the Poltergust 3000. Once Luigi sucks both of the ghosts inside, he faces the wall Lydia looks at him, causing her to be vulnerable. Luigi has to suck Lydia inside of his Poltergust 3000, causing the lights to turn on. A treasure chest then appears, automatically opening which make coins fly all over Bed room 1.

Luigi's Mansion[edit]

Lydia first officially appears in Luigi's Mansion where she partakes the role of the second Portrait Ghost of the game. She is located in the Master Bedroom in the events of the game.

After Luigi gets the key to the Master Bedroom at the Study, Luigi heads off to the Master Bedroom. Inside of the Master Bedroom he finds Lydia sitting in front of her mirror, combing her hair. Luigi then heads towards the curtains and uses his Poltergust 3000 to slide the curtains open. A gust of wind then blows into the Master Bedroom and Lydia claims, "Oh dear...Such a draft..." Luigi then shines his flashlight on Lydia and she is sucked into the Poltergust 3000. If Luigi fails to capture her on the first try, she closes the curtains and combs her hair again.

When Luigi successfully vacuums Lydia inside of his Poltergust 3000, the lights in the Master Bedroom turn on and a treasure chest can be found by her bed. Luigi then opens the treasure chest and gains the key that unlocks the door that leads to the Nursery.

At the end of Area One's events, Neville, Lydia and Chauncey are all released by Luigi into the Ghost Portrificationizer. The three ghosts are flattened, electrocuted, and then smashed into paintings; the painting may either have a gold, silver, or bronze frame, depending on how many pearls Luigi collected from Lydia. At the Gallery, Lydia's number there is two.

There are some paintings of Lydia which may depict her when she was alive in the mansion; the first one at the top left corner of the Parlor, the second is on the left wall of the Study, and the third one is above the dresser in the Master Bedroom. Near the end of the game, sculptures of Lydia and Biff's heads can be found in The Artist's Studio.